Monday, June 03, 2013

My Foray into Watercolors......

I really had been on the fence with the addition of watercolors in scrapbooking.  I certainly thought that they just looked beautiful, BUT I absolutely hated how they warp the cardstock.  Warped cardstock is a total pet peeve of mine.  I like my papers nice and flat thankyou!  

Finally though, I surprised myself and figured that a little warpiness did not matter because the watercolors looked like so much fun to play around with.  And I was right!  Here's my first, very ameteurish layout featuring watercolors.....

My result was absolutely imperfect--my mask moved too much despite being taped down, was really unsure of how to get just enough water-but I felt like a kid again!  

I recently read a thread over at the 2peas forum that was discussing trends that we all wished would go away and a few ladies mentioned that they very much disliked the more artsy/mixed media elements on a scrapbook page, proclaiming that it either ruined the page or that it took away from the photos or story.  And I could NOT disagree more.  For me, my number one priority is getting the story and photos down, however scrapping for me is a creative outlet.  And the fact that I get to play with paints and mists and glitter and paper WHILE documenting my little moment here on earth, is pure fun.  Mixed media is definitely not for everyone, but it sure makes me happy!

Wishing you a good week!




  1. I totally agree with you- I love playing around with "artsy" materials! I think it looks great, even if the watercolor didn't stay exactly in the mask. Have u tried watercolor pencils?

    1. No I haven't tried them yet, but they are on my wish list!