Thursday, March 29, 2012

Luv U Already....

This week at Two Peas they are having a Scraplift A Garden Girl challenge--which sounded like too much fun to pass up! I love these types of challenges and I always try to challenge myself by picking a layout or technique that isn't normally my cup of tea.  In this instance, I chose to lift a layout titled Love by Amy Heller.  Amy's layouts are always FULL of detail and this one was no different.  It also featured a messy column of strips on one side of the page that I would have NEVER came up with on my own.  In fact, I didn't really know for sure if I liked I gave it a go and here is my take:

Super happy to get this ultrasound pic scrapped and officially start the new baby's album. 

The layout is a mix of Dear Lizzy and Miss Caroline--two lines, that I swear were made to go together :-).

Off to have some lunch, start a new layout, fold baby laundry (love the smell of Dreft!), vacuum, organize pics for Week 9 and 10 of Project list is too long!  LOL.

Happy Scrapping! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sketch Challenge at B & B......

Finally, a new post!  My parents were here for a week and a half, so all things scrappy got pushed back.  I have been busy though and have three other layouts in line to be posted :-).  I am in a mad rush to get completely caught up with scrapping--new baby is set to arrive in 3 weeks and two days (I am really hoping for sooner rather than later!). 

So up first, before March disappears, is a layout I created for the March Sketch with a Twist challenge at Burlap & Buttercups.  The twist for this challenge--use cell phone pics and/or use paper as an embellishment. 

For the twist I made hearts as my embellishment from the Amy Tan papers in B & B's March kit. 

Loved these pics of my kids--Hayden is humoring me with a cheesy smile that I really had to coax out of him and Maleia is enjoying her first chocolate chip ice cream cone (she had previously only eaten out of a cup) which she took a very LONG time to eat.  And she ate ALL OF IT.  

Thanks for letting me share!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Look at You Grow.....A Scrappy Lift

I look at scrappy blogs daily for inspiration.  New ideas, new techniques, photo ideas, sketches, color combo's...are something that I search for.  I usually pick out components and apply them in my own way to my own work.  But not this time--I flat out scraplifted a layout!  Here's my take on a layout by Megan Klauer:

What really struck me about her layout was the banner/title and the photo placement.  I just liked it and thought it would work with some pics I had waiting, so I went with it.  I had planned to change it up a bit and sew lines around the main paper block, but thought I would give her technique a try and just use a pen instead. 

I used the March kit from Burlap & Buttercups which I love!

Happy scrapping!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

L.A. Zoo...

A few weeks ago I planned a trip to the LA Zoo for my family (Really not too much to plan, picked a day, hoped for good weather, and packed the family into the car for the two hour drive...).  This is the resulting layout of my favorite pics:

This trip was really a result of two things--First, a state of home arrest looms in my future--will be homebound with new baby for a few month and I felt the need to get out while I can :-).  And second, I really wanted Maleia to see the zoo--I even prepared her for the visit (that's the teacher inside of me) by reading books and looking at lots of animal pictures. 

The trip was quite a success--even the boys, who were not as excited as I was about going, had a great time.  I will have to admit though, I might have struggled a bit with all the walking.  Carrying around a beach ball is sort of hard when going uphill!  LOL. 

Happy Sunday.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Snow Buddies....

Making snowflakes with mist and a mask is one of my favorite techniques.  I think it just turns out so pretty and well, snowy!

So, here is Snow Buddies, a layout featuring my two favorite kiddos:

Happy scrapping!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

You Sparkle......And Burlap & Buttercups

Burlap & Buttercup's first challenge for the month of March was to use STITCHED WORDS.  This tecnique has been on my to-do list for a long while and this challenge was just the thing to check it off.  So here's my take:

Stitching on my layout for the first time was both a success as well as a learning experience.  I really like how the handstitching looks; it gives a layout a "homey" feel as well as adds interest to the title.

Hand stitching is also really easy to do, after you get the holes punched which is where the "learning" part of the process came into play. 

Instead of using a computer font for a template, I chose to use my own handwriting.  I was super careful to make sure I wrote straight since my writing tends to float.  BUT when I placed it on my layout to punch, I failed to notice it was not as straight as it should have I was left with a slightly crooked word :-(. 

Next time, I will be EXTRA, EXTRA careful when placing my template or, if using my writing, I might just write the letters directly onto the layout.  Also, I might also reconsider punching/sewing on a doily--it is very fragile and I am so lucky mine did not tear.


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

M.I.A.......And the Hunger Games

I rarely get sick.  I do my best to be healthy, to wash my hands often, and in general, to keep germs away (being married to a germaphobe really helps here.) BUT the last two times my son has been sick, I've gotten it too.  What??? 

So this past week, I have had a terrible head cold and with being pregnant, I cannot take anything but Tyenol :-(.  I finally went to the doctor yesterday because my husband was concerned (whether or not he was more concerned about me being sick or him getting my germs is still to be determined)and I was told it was just going to take some time to get over whatever viral madness I had contracted. 

With that said, I will have to say I haven't gotten much done.  I have two layouts waiting to be downloaded onto the computer, but didn't feel much like doing anything about it.  However, I did finish a book:  the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy!  Woo hoo!  The only thing good about being sick and not wanting to move from the couch was that I had loads of time to read.

The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Series #1)

Now, I have to say I did not want to read the book.  What??  Yes, I was determined not to read the book even though "everyone" else had.  I am NOT a sci-fi-futuristic book reader.  Not at all.  Especially when the book is about surviving a game where everyone has to be killed.  Not my cup of tea. BUT I was ordered by my mom to read it because she is going to be visiting soon and wants me to go with her to see the movie.  So I did.

And I liked it. (Note I did not say "love.")  It had all the great makings for a book/movie.  Lots of action, characters that you root for, villians that you hate, a plot that moves you right through the story, moral implications....But, I still just could not stand reading about the desolution of the 12 districts, the purpose of the games, the futuristic qualities of the Capitol... 

So there you go, it's a good book just not my favorite genre.  And I DID read the summaries and reviews of the next two books thinking I might as well finish up the series, but what they all had to say did not convince me that I needed to continue.  PERHAPS if revolution had been the next step in the series I might have read on or maybe the movie will inspire me.....

I would love to hear any thoughts on the book, so please share if you've read it too!