Wednesday, March 07, 2012

M.I.A.......And the Hunger Games

I rarely get sick.  I do my best to be healthy, to wash my hands often, and in general, to keep germs away (being married to a germaphobe really helps here.) BUT the last two times my son has been sick, I've gotten it too.  What??? 

So this past week, I have had a terrible head cold and with being pregnant, I cannot take anything but Tyenol :-(.  I finally went to the doctor yesterday because my husband was concerned (whether or not he was more concerned about me being sick or him getting my germs is still to be determined)and I was told it was just going to take some time to get over whatever viral madness I had contracted. 

With that said, I will have to say I haven't gotten much done.  I have two layouts waiting to be downloaded onto the computer, but didn't feel much like doing anything about it.  However, I did finish a book:  the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy!  Woo hoo!  The only thing good about being sick and not wanting to move from the couch was that I had loads of time to read.

The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Series #1)

Now, I have to say I did not want to read the book.  What??  Yes, I was determined not to read the book even though "everyone" else had.  I am NOT a sci-fi-futuristic book reader.  Not at all.  Especially when the book is about surviving a game where everyone has to be killed.  Not my cup of tea. BUT I was ordered by my mom to read it because she is going to be visiting soon and wants me to go with her to see the movie.  So I did.

And I liked it. (Note I did not say "love.")  It had all the great makings for a book/movie.  Lots of action, characters that you root for, villians that you hate, a plot that moves you right through the story, moral implications....But, I still just could not stand reading about the desolution of the 12 districts, the purpose of the games, the futuristic qualities of the Capitol... 

So there you go, it's a good book just not my favorite genre.  And I DID read the summaries and reviews of the next two books thinking I might as well finish up the series, but what they all had to say did not convince me that I needed to continue.  PERHAPS if revolution had been the next step in the series I might have read on or maybe the movie will inspire me.....

I would love to hear any thoughts on the book, so please share if you've read it too!


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