Saturday, March 10, 2012

You Sparkle......And Burlap & Buttercups

Burlap & Buttercup's first challenge for the month of March was to use STITCHED WORDS.  This tecnique has been on my to-do list for a long while and this challenge was just the thing to check it off.  So here's my take:

Stitching on my layout for the first time was both a success as well as a learning experience.  I really like how the handstitching looks; it gives a layout a "homey" feel as well as adds interest to the title.

Hand stitching is also really easy to do, after you get the holes punched which is where the "learning" part of the process came into play. 

Instead of using a computer font for a template, I chose to use my own handwriting.  I was super careful to make sure I wrote straight since my writing tends to float.  BUT when I placed it on my layout to punch, I failed to notice it was not as straight as it should have I was left with a slightly crooked word :-(. 

Next time, I will be EXTRA, EXTRA careful when placing my template or, if using my writing, I might just write the letters directly onto the layout.  Also, I might also reconsider punching/sewing on a doily--it is very fragile and I am so lucky mine did not tear.



  1. What an adorable layout, Michelle! And I think you did a fantastic job on your stitched word ~ I'm trying this technique today, too. :) Thanks for participating in one of our latest challenges!

  2. Wow, wow, wow Michelle! Your layout is beautiful!! And your stitching turned out beautifully as well! Love the red! Thanks for taking my challenge on! :)