Sunday, March 18, 2012

L.A. Zoo...

A few weeks ago I planned a trip to the LA Zoo for my family (Really not too much to plan, picked a day, hoped for good weather, and packed the family into the car for the two hour drive...).  This is the resulting layout of my favorite pics:

This trip was really a result of two things--First, a state of home arrest looms in my future--will be homebound with new baby for a few month and I felt the need to get out while I can :-).  And second, I really wanted Maleia to see the zoo--I even prepared her for the visit (that's the teacher inside of me) by reading books and looking at lots of animal pictures. 

The trip was quite a success--even the boys, who were not as excited as I was about going, had a great time.  I will have to admit though, I might have struggled a bit with all the walking.  Carrying around a beach ball is sort of hard when going uphill!  LOL. 

Happy Sunday.

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