Tuesday, September 06, 2011

She Makes Me Smile....

I am a big fan of Marcy Penner's work--her use of white space is just awesome, BUT a little intimidating!  I was browsing through her blog and thought: "Why not give it a try?!"   So here's my take and the funny thing is--I didn't have very much white space left!  LOL!  


This time instead of using mist, I tried out April Foster's confetti tutorial and it worked pretty good.  I had never used Modge Podge before so I was not sure how it would dry or how much to use so I went with a light touch and am pretty happy with how it looked.  (The second time I used this technique I used it on a piece of patterned paper and went even lighter with the application because I wasn't sure of how the color would turn and I ended up with very little discoloration).

On another note--can you tell I love American Crafts????   Seriously, you should see my stash!!

Happy Tuesday!


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