Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello Baseball....

Good morning!  I am finally recovering from a long weekend of baseball and birthday festivities as well as catching up on a giant pile of laundry that built up do to a dryer deciding it did not want to heat up anymore :-).

Here is a layout I finished a few weeks ago using SC's add-on Hook.....

Such perfect colors for a boy layout!  Really loved the background patterned paper--made all the colors pop right out!  And really, why they waited this long to come out with enamel dots is beyond me--they are so much fun!

Very happy that I snapped this pic of my son during a I sat in the stands that night watching him play, I was blown away by how much he has grown since last season.  He is 12 and he is really starting to look...manly.  My little boy is almost gone and in his place, is this man-child.  He has also really asserted himself as a leader among the boys and it makes me so proud to listen to him talk to his team mates.  I am a very proud mama.


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