Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Two-Pager.....Sort Of

Up until a few years ago, I was a devout two-pager and a big believer in 4 x 6 photos.  After discovering the gi-normous scrapping community in the summer of 2010, I changed my ways.  I became a single page girl and cropped my pics. 

And I am not going back anytime soon.

I lost my mojo for double pagers, the smaller canvas is just easier for me to wrap my brain around.  Double pages would do a lot for shrinking my stash, but it just is not going to happen.

That is not to say I do not like to see what other scrappers do with two-pages and sometimes I long for a simpler way to document a big event/multi-photo extravaganza. 

After I came upon this post at 2peas from Melissa Stinson, I decided she had the solution to my problem: I would do two one page layouts and I would sandwich a multi-pic page protector in the middle.   A marriage of my desire to scrap a single page layout and get multi-pics in my album at the same time.

 Here is another example of the rest of my aquarium photos as they sit inside my album.
This type of scrapping has also been a solution to the many sport photos of my son.  Thanks to myself and a few other parents, I have loads of really cool pictures of Hayden playing football and baseball, but man, I was sort of overwhelmed when it came to deciding how I wanted to scrap them.  The solution of adding in a multi-pic page protector solved that for me!


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  1. I didn't see this on 2Ps so I will have to head of to have a look. I just cannot do a two pager so this solution is perfect for me. I really love the layout, the layering is awesome.