Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Fall

Fall scrapping took a back seat this year.  Which is sad.  When fall came around I was still enjoying working on my photos from the end of summer and then when I finally jumped to fall photos, Christmas was upon us.  I just cannot keep up.  LOL.  Am planning on revisiting fall though after the new year so everything will be made right AND the giant stack of fall products will be used :-). Hopefully  because, when I say giant I mean giant.  Definitely missed the memo on not buying too much fall product this year....

This fall layout was inspired by a lesson in Shimelle's Scrapbook Remix class.  In this particular lesson, she talks about using four quadrants of patterned paper as a background as well as how to use vertical or horizontal lines to balance a design.  This is what I came up with....

I was not too terribly eager to block an entire background with 4 squares of patterned paper, so I made it my own by using 4 smaller squares and layering my photos and embellishments over them.  I placed 3 strips of patterned paper and my title vertically, opposite the horizontal photo.  Then, to balance the heaviness of that cluster of elements, I layered a tag, washi, and embellies on the opposite side.
I had a lot of fun putting this layout together.  I had been feeling like my work had become so routine and I took Shimelle's class in an effort to shake that feeling.  And it worked. 


  1. This is a beautiful page, glad you were able to find some fun from the class.

  2. I like this page! Nice job of making it your own - the 4 smaller square pieces look great!

  3. Very very pretty! Love the patterns and that sweet picture!

  4. Really like the page design of your layout, very sweet!

  5. Great arrangement. I like how you added the doily. The delicate image is a perfect balance to the blocks of paper.

  6. So pretty love all the patterned papers and colors :)