Monday, December 16, 2013


Ha!  Another fall layout!!  I know, right now all the galleries are trending holiday layouts and here I am, still stuck in October!  LOL.

This next layout was so much fun to make.  I started out being inspired by a quote from the Anne of Green Gable series and went from there.......

The quote, which became my title, is absolutely spot on--Octobers are my fave.  There is something about the weather, the colors, the laid back feel of the month.  No rushing around and making mad dashes to check off to-do lists.  Simple pleasures, that is what October means to me.
P.S.  Yes, I have a hole in my jeans in the photo. A very, not-so-trendy-I-think-it's-time-to-let-go-of-these-fave-jeans kind-of a hole. Ha.  I was slightly mortified that it made its way into the picture (Thanks Bodie!), but I decided to look past the fact and scrap it!  The jeans in question have since been disposed of :-).

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  1. Awesome! Love the quote and the design. You're inspiring me over here. =)