Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dirt Girl.....

Leia loves to play in the dirt.  She will sit right down in it and play forever.  I should also mention that she loves to eat dirt too :-).  Anyways....I was playing with my camera while on vacation and was attempting to take photos of my kids in front of this old, red shed.  Well, I was "attempting" you see, because my kids were NOT cooperating.  When Hayden took off and Maleia plopped down in the dirt, I got down there with her and took some shots.  This is what I came up with----and please notice how good of a job she is doing at ignoring me:

I love this picture!  One of my goals this year was to photograph the moments in between the smiles---the everyday things that make up our lives.  So far, I am accomplishing that goal...with Maleia.  My son and husband are a little better at evading the camera.  LOL.  Oh well, I will just have to work at being a little more sneaky like a ninja when photographing those two...Good luck with that!

Made this lo with mostly the June kit from Paper Posies.  LOVE this kit.  It is mostly Simple Stories, a new paper line, and I am just adoring the papers and stickers that go with it.  And please notice the awesome stiching in the right hand corner--I finally got out my new attatchment for my Sew Easy and used it.  It had been sitting there all wrapped up in its packaging for a couple of months!  LOL.  I am so bad at buying things and forgeting I even got them......

Happy Tuesday!

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