Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Inspired By.....Janna Werner

They are many talented ladies that inspire my scrapbooking and one of those ladies is Janna Werner. When I look at a project by Janna, I am always drawn to the lightness and the soft color palettes that she tends to work with.  I also quite fancy her layering--little bits tucked here and there.  Love it all.  Major scrappy crush.  Ha ha.

Recently I fell in love with this particular layout and it inspired my own scrappylift....

In this excercise I allowed myself the freedom of following what Janna did beccause sometimes the best way to learn a new style or technique is to mimic what someone else has done.  I began first by searching my stash for neutral grays to layer and a few colors to add as accents.I also looked for two different alphas, some stickers, and a few other embellies I could sprinkle around.

The tiny grey alphas are from Lily Bee's Buttercup collection and I hoard them! I think they are just the absolute best font ever in the world of tiny alphas.

I colored the astericks with grey chalk ink and I am hoping the color does not rub off on the page protector.  I let them dry quite awhile, but not quite sure yet how they will do.

By doing what Janna did, I pushed myself into placing my elements in ways I would normally not do so.  Scraplifting for me is a learning exercise and hopefully by considering her techiniques I will be able to tweek my own style. 

If you would like to check out some more of Janna's work you can visit her blog or head on over to her 2Peas gallery.



  1. Wonderful layout and TFS you thoughts about scraplifting!!!! :) Evie

  2. Scraplifting is the best way to learn! Sometime I will scraplift to learn, sometimes just because it's fun. Why recreate the wheel when someone else already did it? :)