Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sketchy Sunday......

I am a super huge fan of sketches. There are certain sites I actually stalk on a weekly basis checking for their sketches. And I thought, with out any originallity in the concept, I would offer up a layout ono my blog every Sunday based upon a sketch I found on the world wide web--hence I am calling my post Sketchy Sunday, original I know.  My hopes are that this offers you a bit of inspiration and possibly an introduction to a new source for scrappy sketches.  So onward and upward, to the sketch!  (Wow that sounded really dorky.  LOL.)

First up is a sketch from Elles Studio.  Elle's Studio offers a new sketch on their blog every Thursday and they almost always appeal to me.  There designs are sweet and simple with lots of white space. This quality is really quite ideal for me because it adds up to a ginormous amount of room for interpretation. 

This first sketch, which you can find here, was posted on their blog on August 15th.

And here is my take...

My son's first time taking out the long board by himself.  Real proud of him, but also slightly nerve wracking.  So many things that could go wrong.....
Most of the time, I interpret a sketch pretty loosely. I had found that in the past if I really constrained myself to the sketch I would sometimes end up with a layout I did not really love and I hated that feeling. I realized that I need to consider a sketch as merely guidelines and allow myself the freedom to do what I want with it.  And with this in mind, I kept really close to the sketch.  Ha ha. 

If you would like to see more sketches that I have found, please check by scrappy sketch board here on Pinterest and pin away!   

Now, to go off in a totally random direction and because I am witnessing the madness as I type this.....when did my 3 year old turn into such a little prissy monster???  Now granted, she's always been a bit on the prissy side (Mom, that is not an understatement!), but lately, she refuses to share with her little sister and has taken to screaming when ever Allora "ruins" her stuff.  Aack. 

Happy Sunday.


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  1. Beautiful layout, love the light, airiness it conveys!