Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Bubbles and Sunshine.....

Valentine's Day was a beautiful day this year and I will always remember it for the lovely sunshine and the new bottle of Minnie bubbles.......

I have seriously coveted this piece of woodgrain paper from Amy Tangerine forever and I was so stoked when it showed up in Citrus Twist's February kit.  I know it was not entirely original to fill in some of the chevron shapes with patterned paper, but I had to have one of my own layouts with just that :-). 

Something new that I have not done in awhile was handstitching. I gave it a go on this one with a super simple stitch straight across the paper.  LOL.  I know, not very life altering, but I get an A for effort!  I have to note though, that I used twine as opposed to embroidery floss and I am not too sure I will be doing that again.  The twine is thick, almost too thick.  I had to be super careful when pulling the twine through. 


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