Monday, August 26, 2013

Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones....

Ice cream from the Jolly Cone is a Wedertz Family Tradition.  Every summer when we spend a week in Bridgeport we hit the Jolly Cone.  Several times.  Sometimes twice a day.  Ha ha ha.

The Jolly Cone has GREAT food.  Just flat out tasty.  However, the star of the show is the ice cream and of course, I have to scrap it.......

Instagram photos are so easy to scrap.  The filters (this one is Earlybird) tend to mute the colors a bit which really open up the possibilities when it comes to choosing colors to scrap with.  
I decided, in my quest to use up my twine, to loop the twine across the bottom of the pics.  I actually did this after I adhered the photos which was no problem because I always leave the edges of my photos and papers adhesive free to let me tuck in pieces as I go. 
Wishing you a super sweet day!


  1. Gorgeous layout, love the twine :)

  2. Beautiful page! Great use of the filter. Your photos look fabulous!

  3. I like how you used the seems to give the page movement.