Wednesday, August 07, 2013


My littlest did not like swimming in the pool this year.  She gets in.  She wants out.  And will NOT go back in.  Makes me laugh, because her brother and sister are the exact opposites, I can't get them out!  Luckily when we were visiting my parents, my mom was more than willing to sit poolside with her, so that I too could get in.

I had recently decided lately that I have been neglecting my twine stash and added a bit to the top of the page which made me think that I really have not been seeing a lot twine around the galleries lately.  Maybe I am missing it, but I am wondering if the time for twine has come and gone??  Or maybe it has just taken a break?   Either way I am determined to use my stash up and will be doing my best to add some twine here and there.


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