Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Like You.....

Good morning!  Wanted to get a post up this morning before I wake my son up for his first day of 7th grade and go for a run, so here goes....

I recently purchased a new class at 2Peas.  It is called "Scrapbooking from the Soul" and it is taught by Jill Sprott.  Now usually, I will ponder taking a class for awhile, but this time I purchased it quickly.  You see, my journaling which has usually been a strong point, has sort of dwindled down to just getting the details in, nothing below the surface.  Which is wrong for me because I consider my memory keeping as more of letter writing/journal keeping.  When I am on top of my game, my journaling goes beyond the basic, hopefully capturing the back stories, the small details, my feeling, ect.  But lately, I have been suffering from writer's block or more bluntly, I have been lazy.  LOL. 

Well, I was super stoked to see this class become available and here is my first project, More Like You

My journaling reads:

When I see you swimming with confidence in the pool, I am full of admiration.  Your fearlessness is a trait I have very little of and to watch you navigate in the water with ease and without any inhibition absolutely inspires me.  To be a little bit more like you would be a great thing.

I started this layout with planning my journaling first. The obvious road to take would be to talk about how much fun she had, but ignoring that I started to think about how she just jumped in the water like it was nothing and took off, not afraid or nervous.  And that is what I wanted to reflect on in my journaling.  To say my daughter is very outgoing would be an understatement. She is bright, happy, bold, courageous,and she shares it will all. I, on the other hand, am very introverted which is sort of a handicap sometimes. This is what I chose to journal and I am so happy that I did.  Am looking so forward to diving deeper into the class to see what else I can come up with! 



  1. Glad you are enjoying your class, layout looks great. Loved the chevron strip.

  2. really sweet layout and love the story you chose to tell!

  3. Lovely!! Love the soft colors and your story! Journaling is something I struggle with so definitely need to look into taking this class.