Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I've Got Your Number....

Just returned from five days in Las Vegas and read this while I was there.....

AND I LOVED it!!  This novel was so incredibly funny--laugh outloud funny!   Almost every time I read a Sophie Kinsella book (and I have read EVERY single one she has written) I think of I Love Lucy because her heroines are always getting into insanely bizarre/funny situations that only someone like Lucy could get herself out of. I read this super quick because it was hard to put down--I've Got Your Number is worth reading again!!

On a related note, I have to say that I am so HAPPY to be reading again.  For the last few years, books have been far and in between, but since making it a priority on my to-do list I have felt like more of myself (if that makes sense to anyone but myself!).  I have been an avid reader since age five and it is my FAVORITE hobby.  There is nothing like a great story and to be back into the groove of reading is awesome AND the possiblities are endless.  I am a forever bookworm :-).


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