Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Language of Flowers...

While on vacation I read this....

The Language of Flowers

After finishing the book, I was thinking about how I would describe it when I came upon this review in the book:

"A deftly powerful story of finding your way home, even after you've burned every bridge behind you.  The Language of Flowers took my heart apart, chapter by chapter, then reassembled the broken pieces in better working condition.  I loved this book."
--Jamie Ford, author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

This is seriously exactly how I felt after reading the book.  There are so many heart breaking moments in this book.  So heart breaking that at one point I did not think I could read any further, which is unusual for me.  I wanted so much to take the main character, Victoria, and fix the damage that had been done to her as a result of a LIFETIME spent in the foster care system. 

Another really interesting aspect of the book is learning about the language of flowers--yes, it is a language--from the Victorian era.  Victorians would communicate by giving people flowers based upon what ever message/feeling they wanted to share with someone. There are dictionaries catalogueing flowers and their meanings.  So seriously, beware next time you send flowers, you might not be sending the message you want. LOL.  And because I found this so intrigueing, I have a flower dictionary in my shopping cart at Barnes and Noble.....I am sort of a nerd like that!   

I think anyone who picked this book up would be a better person for reading it--I know I am.



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