Sunday, June 05, 2011

Mad Dash for Some Sunshine.....

Okay, enough with the June Gloom.  I want some sunshine and some warmth!  LOL.  I have had two layouts finished that I wanted to take pics of, but we haven't had any sun :-(  Lucky me though, 'cause finally the clouds parted and I was able to dash outside (in my jammies)and snap some shots!

Oh, the places Maleia will go!!  Dr. Seuss inspired this lo
(check out the title). My daughter seems to always be in motion and I hoped to capture that here.

Going to the park is a regular thing for my family and when we are there I follow my daughter around the entire park.  I will admit I have ulterior motives for going to the park, (which may include waring a certain busy little girl out so she will have a nice,long nap) but I really enjoy watching her explore. It seems as if everytime we go, she is doing bigger, more complex things. Of course, that's when she isn't chasing blackbirds and crows!   

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