Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Red Tent.....

Just finished this a few days ago......

The Red Tent

This book was AWESOME.  And I do not know why I had not known about its existence until my mom was given the task of reading it for her bookclub.  Surely this book is on some university class' syllabus???  I wish it had been on one of my mine....

Here is a little overview of the book from Barnes and Noble...
Few stories can evoke a time and place as vividly as Anita Diamant's compelling tale sprung from the pages of the Old Testament. The Red Tent is the story of Jacob's daughter, Dinah, and Jacob's four wives, who all served as Dinah's mother at some point in time[......] As Diamant explores the trials and triumphs of ancient women, she brings a foreign yet beautiful world to life as seen through the emotional filter of Dinah's eyes. This lush, evocative tale transcends time and brings new life to the Old Testament, lending a feminine touch to the mighty word of God.

This book was simply enthralling and I say so because the relationship between Dinah and her mothers is so complicated and interesting.  This book is truly a book of fiction, elaborating on the life of a "minor" Biblical character, but it offers a glimpse of life through the eyes of a woman as well as gives us a taste of what life was like for her, something that seems to be under-represented in historical documents. 

Before reading the book my mother did warn me--a 31 year old possessor of an English degree--that there were some graphic, possibly disturbing scenes.  And she was right, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle.  LOL.  Thanks for looking out for me mom!

Hope this inspires someone to pick this book up. (I actually got mine from the library--love the smell of library books.)

Have already started my next book, Homecoming by Cathy Kelly. 

Happy reading!

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