Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy 2013........Sugar & Spice

Wanted to pop in and wish everyone a fantastic New Year!  I had some fabulous plans to scrap away the evening last night, but who was I kidding, I passed out on the couch at ten, baby in arms :-).   Maybe next year!

Meanwhile, here is my first layout posted for 2013--Sugar & Spice featuring my littlest....

I have been a little obsessed with the November Kit from Gossamer Blue lately--it seems everytime I scrap I am drawn to it.  I am so in love with the floral patterned paper from Glitz.  It is seriously the most gorgeous piece of patterned paper I have ever owned.

I also want to share a little scrappy goal since it is the new year......I have been having some very serious talks with myself regarding my scrapping stash--I have too much that just does not get used.  And the product that does not get used is mostly the stuff I pick out myself--I LOVE scrapping with kits and that is what I always turn to.  So sorry 2peas, I am going to step back this year and scrap my year away with the kits that I adore.  Now, I am going to allow myself to purchase basic products that I use all the time--cardstock, adhesive, ect.--as well as tools and ink.  So that being said, my husband should be a happy guy!



  1. That's me, too, especially since I've gone digital. I've been giving away my stash and just keeping the really special things (for the mini books--I just have to have something that's not digi, LOL)! Here's to having too much and getting back to the basics! =)

  2. Michelle, just to let you know that your link for the December edition of Books You Loved has been featured in the January Books You Loved. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so much Caroline! Am reading a new book for January!