Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Girl Who Chased the Moon....

Devoured this in 2 days.....

Love Sarah Addison Allen, so when I was browsing a Las Vegas Barnes & Nobles (by myself thanks to my mom for giving me this little treat) and saw this waving at me from the shelf, I instantly picked it up with the intent of reading it.  And I was not disappointed!

This is the 3rd book that I have read by Allen and like the previous two, The Girl Who Chased the Moon has a supernatural element.  Now I am not very sci-fi-ey, but give me a little bit of magic and I am in.  The book's main protaganist is Emily, a teenager who is thrown into the mystery surrounding her mother's past in a little town named Mullaby, North Carolina.  The town is full of quirky characters including Emily's grandfather, the town's "giant," whom she has come to live with .  With Emily's first foray into the little town, the little secret this town seems to be keeping is alluded to and I spent the whole novel in suspense, waiting for its reveal.  

So glad I picked this up!


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